Collaboration with Holly CarrHollyGarden

Over the past few months I have been working with silk artist, Holly Carr to infuse her already vibrant work with even more engaging and immersive elements. A ‘rapid prototype’ of this effort was installed at the Ross Creek Centre for the Arts when we added a responsive soundscape to her “Garden Path” silk installation.

Holly and I also collaborated for a show at the Secord Gallery in Halifax, “I Can’t Sleep When I’m Dreaming”, that is opening October 9th, 2o15 and which will also be a part of the Nocture festival. This includes an interactive Art box featuring her silk paintings, enhanced with sounds and lights and a responsive atmospheric installation that is sure to delight.

Donation Box for the Ross Creek Centre for the ArtsDB-atCreek1

My former FLL robotics team missed working together so we teamed up once again to create this fun and dynamic donation box for the Ross Creek Centre for the arts. It accepts coins and bills and turns the patron’s donation into instant art by adding a new shape and colour to an interactive Processing piece running on a Raspberry Pi and displayed on monitor built into the box. An Arduino Mega gathers all the data from the many switches to activate sounds and run a motorized spinning wheel with built-in coloured neopixel LEDs. This was a challenging piece, but much was learned.  Video and gallery coming soon.

See the detailed project overview at Make:Community

Collaboration with Ami McKay

Full disclosure. Yes. I am lucky enough to be married to Ami, author of the best-selling novel The Birth House and The Virgin Cure and playwrite of Jerome: The Historical Spectacle. Whenever possible, we try to collaborate on projects and support, enhance and expand on eachother’s interests and art. Her next novel, The Witches of New York, deals with many fantastical and wonderous subjects and we have been discussing several pieces I will create as a bit of a traveling Wunderkammer to promote her work and enhance her readings. Each will inspire a sense of wonder and remind us that Magic is real and all around us if we but take the time to look and listen..

Here is a short video of a Victorian inspired ticket dispenser I built for the launch of The Witches of New York.

The detailed project overview of the Ticket Dispenser can be found at Make:Community

Here is another of her “Magic Cauldron” in action.

The detailed project over for the Magic Cauldron can be found  at Make:Community

More videos may be found here….

This is a recent endeavour, and I am hoping to add more here soon.