Face Shield Brim for CNC

Face Shield Brim Prototype v.5

1” Rigid Foam Material for CNC
A4 Transparency sheets or similar for shield (not shown)
Elastic or Rubber Band

This is a working prototype for the brim portion of a medical FACE SHIELD. Adding appropriate A4 clear plastic sheeting and an elastic headband would complete this. It is a quick prototype and free to share and modify. Please share better mods.

Here is a PDF of the one with “ears”

Here is a PDF of one with shorter ears. Easier to get more onto one sheet of stock to cut.

This takes less than 2 minutes to cut out on a hobby CNC. I used my Shapeoko. Much faster than 3D printing a similar piece. The slot in the brim is for inserting an appropriate clear sheet and adds flex to the brim to prevent breaking. It should be CNCd to the material depth (1”). 1.5″ foam is also available.

I use a long .125″ upcut endmill for all the cuts. On the line for the slot. Outside the line for the outer profile.

A quick test with ZipTies and an elastic made a great headband. Comfortable and secure. The pointy end is pushed through from the inside making a small slit. Pull partway through, loop and return the same end through the same slit from the outside. Then secure the ziptie by passing the pointy end through the locking head of the tie. The large square head can’t pass through the slip and it very secure. This creates a strong loop on the outside of the brim.

Zipties are also used to secure the transparency/clear shield. Position the shield in the slot with 2 holes near each end of the inserted edge. Push the point of the ziptie through the front of the brim, through the hole in the transparency and then into the back and UP through the top of the brim to avoid rubbing against the forehead. Secure and trim. I will post pictures soon.

Zipties to secure transparency sheet in place. Will pass through holes made in the sheet before slipping it int the slot. This design, with the extra support in the middle in the slot, is the current build and makes it a little stronger.

I continue to focus on readily available materials for all the solutions. Face Shield attachment testing is next. More to follow.

Headband construction. Zipties and elastic.

I used 1” Rigid Pink Foam Insulation, which can be found in most hardware stores. Cuts fast and clean. Could also use hacksaw blades to cut. Safe, clean and readily available.

Pre-use sterilization protocol is being worked on. This is designed as a “one shift” item, but will also look into post use sterilization methods. (just in case)

Feel free to contact me with questions or suggestions.