Maker Camps 2018

Summer Makers’ Camps @ Ross Creek Centre for the Arts!!!

3 July – 6 July 2018

This Summer I will be facilitating a 4 day Makers’ Camps at the Ross Creek Centre for the Arts. Campers will tinker with a variety of contraptions including electric circuits made with paper and tape, robot arms, air-powered spaceships and sculpture, hovercraft and other mechanical wonders. After a hands-on exploration of the possibilities, we will create even larger and more complex inventions of their own design.

Maker Culture values learning by doing, failing, trying again and having fun. We make because we want to see what happens, find out how something works or make the world a better place. We help each other, share our knowledge and our skills and are always looking for the next interesting problem to work on.

To find out more about the amazing Ross Creek Centre for the Arts and how to register your budding inventor click here. Hope to see you there.

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