I love helping people become Makers. In the past, I have run workshops at the Ross Creek Centre for the Arts in basic robotics, making art from upcycled electronics and rocketry. I used to be a High School teacher in a former life and still love to facilitate groups of enthusiastic learners as we share our passion for STEAM [Science, Technology, Art, Engineering and Math].

I can provide customized workshops for small groups [ages 8-108] in the Valley and Halifax region. Rates are negotiable.

Some possible workshops include:

  • Introduction to Arduinos – Become part of the microcontroller revolution.
  • Responsive Art– Explore the possibilities of art that Sees, Feels and Reacts.
  • Soldering Workshop – Develop the skill that makes electronics possible by creating your own blinking, wearable art.
  • CodeBug – Develop basic coding skills and make your “bug” interact with the real world at the same time.
  • Void the Warranty! – Tear apart old electronics and see what made them run. Salvage great parts for your own project!
  • Animatronics – Bring your puppets to life!
  • Luminosity – Understanding the pitfalls and possibilities of LEDs
  • ArtBots – Make a Robot that Makes Art!
  • LEGO Robotics
  • Air Rocketry – Design, build and modify your Rockets so they soar! Safe and fun for all ages.

If you have a specific area of STEAM for which you would like to have a workshop, feel free to ask. If I am unable to accommodate you I would be happy to direct to you a person or resource that may be of some help.